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Canada has been voted the best place to live & the best place to study, while also ranking high for working, visiting and investing. Canada is not only famous for its beautiful scenery or food; it is also famous for its amazing academic infrastructure. Canada is one of the top international student destinations as almost 500,000 students come to Canada for educational purposes around the world.

In case, you are confused regarding the admission process in Canada Schooling and universities then contact us one of our consultant for detailed information on the admission process and required documents.

Here are the top a few reasons why you should study in Canada!

1. A Quality education 2.Affordable 3. Work while you study 4. Safety 5. Immigration options 6. Economic Opportunities 7. Multicultural society and pleasant destination.

Are you planning to study in Canada. Canada is one of the top international student destinations in the world. Do you want a study abroad experience that will change your life? You can buy a property with a less down payment while studying in Canada. Come to Canada!

Canadian education options

Your options for studying in Canada are endless, from elementary and high school all the way through to college, university and graduate studies.

Elementary school

Are you moving to Canada with your children or thinking about sending your child to a private boarding school? Canada offers excellent elementary or primary school education options.

High school in Canada

Are you coming to Canada with your teenager or thinking about sending them to Canada for a high school exchange program? Both offer opportunities for your teenager to grow in a safe and supportive environment while gaining a world-class education.

Also known as secondary school, high school runs from grades 9 to 12 in most Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec, which starts in grade 7 and ends in grade 11. After successfully completing high school at age 17 or 18, students can go onto college, which is referred to as « Cegep », or go to university.

Colleges and vocational schools

For practical, career focused learning, our colleges and vocational schools will set you on the road to success. Find your college program and start planning your studies in Canada.


Canada has some of the top universities in the world and is a leader in research that changes lives. Explore your higher education options with us.

Graduate studies

Start here to discover the range of graduate study options available across Canada, including master’s degrees, PhD and doctoral programs.

Professional certifications

Earn a professional certification or designation in your field of work and open the door to career opportunities in Canada, your home country and beyond.

International student life in Canada

The 500,000 international students who come to Canada every year for college and university studies are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands more travel here to go to elementary or high school, to take part in exchange programs or attend language school. Canada is a great place to grow and thrive as a student.

Study costs for international students in Canada

How much does it cost to study in Canada? The good news is that studying in Canada is affordable. That’s right! It’s cheaper than you think. When it comes to post-secondary education, our tuition fees are generally lower than colleges and universities in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

Cost of elementary school in Canada: Public elementary or primary school is free for residents of Canada. If you’re sending your child to Canada to study, please check with the school to find out if there are fees for international students. 

Cost of high school in Canada: Public secondary or high school is free in Canada for residents of the country. Many schools charge fees for international students, which can range from approximately CAD 8,500 to CAD 15,000 per year. Please check with the school you want your teenager to attend to confirm the cost, if any, for international students.

Cost of college and vocational school in Canada: College programs vary in length, so they are often less expensive than university studies. Some programs include work-integrated learning, which may earn you an income while you are in Canada. Tuition fees for international students in Canada vary depending on the program and location you choose. You will see the cost of range from approximately CAD 2,500 per year to CAD 19,000 per year for tuition, depending on the college and your program of study.

It will also generate costs for your living expenses. We found that, on average, living costs tend to be approximately CAD 13,000 for Canadian college students.

Cost of university in Canada: Canada’s larger cities are more affordable than many cities around the world. To give you an idea of the costs of bachelor’s degree options across Canada. We found that tuition can range from CAD 1,900 per year to approximately CAD 21,000 per year for an undergraduate degree.

Cost of graduate studies in Canada: Your graduate studies are a smart career investment. Canada’s master’s and PhD programs are recognized around the globe, and our relatively lower cost of living makes the opportunity even more appealing to international students like you. Even Canada’s larger cities are more affordable than many cities around the world. To give you an idea of the costs, we tested our search tool on a number of master’s and PhD programs across Canada. We found that tuition can range from CAD 2,500 per year to approximately CAD 19,000 per year for a master’s degree program. A PhD might run you approximately CAD 2,600 to CAD 18,000 per year. Be sure to compare programs from different provinces and schools if you are on a budget.

Living expenses in Canada

After you figure out the cost of going to school, it’s important to plan for the other expenses associated with living in Canada.

Your student budget

There’s more to your study costs than tuition. Don’t forget to set aside money for:

  • Books, Computer, Housing, Food, Fun, Clothing, Travel, Transportation, Health insurance and Travel insurance

Affordable cost barrier for most students hoping to study abroad.

Cost is the most significant barrier for most students hoping to study abroad. Canadian international students have to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students. That said, the average annual tuition for an international student’s Canadian undergraduate degree was $18,746 USD in 2018. Compare that to the U.S. ($25,914 USD), Australia ($25,081 USD) or the United Kingdom ($24,365 USD ).

Aside from paying tuition, international students also need to find housing and finance their daily lives. The cost of living in Canada is seriously affordable compared to most other top destinations for international students. The average cost of living per year for international students in Canada around $13,500 USD. When you combine the average annual cost of living and average annual tuition fees, Canada is clearly the most affordable option.

Affordable costs in Quebec : Tuitions fees and the cost of living in Québec are very low. The tuition fees of international students are among the lowest in North America. For an equivalent university education, it generally costs less to study in Québec than elsewhere in North America.

The cost of living in Québec is relatively low. Housing, food and healthcare costs are lower in Québec than in many developed countries.

IELTS no longer a hindrance for admission to certain Canadian Schooling and university courses

Students who apply to universities in Canada that do not demand the submission of IELTS scores, however, need to submit certain documents to support their claim of English language proficiency. These may include requisite certificates, documents stating that the medium of instruction in the first or last obtained degree was English, transcripts and the like.

Education Advisors or Agents

Some international students and their parents may choose to hire an education agent to help prepare for studying in Canada. An education agent, consultant or agency provides advice and placement assistance for international students who wish to study in Canada.

Education agents can be individuals or organizations located in Canada or abroad offering marketing, promotion, recruitment and other services in the education sector. Education agents are known by various titles such as student advisors, education consultants, counsellors or representatives.

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