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Are you looking land for a Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial Farmland or Business in Greater Montreal and surrounding area or anywhere in Quebec province to develop for your new project?

We offer a professional service for you to find land for Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Farmland or Business in Greater Montreal and surrounding area or anywhere in the Quebec province to develop for your new project, we help owners, investors, and occupiers with every aspect of your real estate needs.

LAND FOR RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY: House, Condo / Townhouse / Coop, New Home, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex, Vacation Property, Land, Chalet Water Front, Chalet / Cabin / Country House, Farmland and Chalet in Mont-Tremblant, etc. 

LAND FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: Multi-Family/Unit, Strip Mall / Plaza & Investment Property, Land, etc.

LAND FOR BUSINESS: Oil / Gas Station (Esso, Shell, Ultramar, etc), Motel, Depanneur, Restaurant, Resto Bar, Coffee shop, Grocery Store, Convenience store, Dollar shop, Boutique shop, Salon, etc. 

LAND FOR AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY: Agricultural land, Agricultural Farm and Agricultural Property. 

LAND FOR HOLIDAY HOME: Chalet / Cabin / Country house: Mont-Tremblant Resort area, A one and a half (1½) hours drive from Montreal or Ottawa, Canada. 


BUY LAND FOR UNPAID TAXES OR LAND FOR TAX SALE OR TAX SALE PROPERTY: A tax sale is when a property is sold by a taxing authority, such as a city’s tax department, or by the court, as in a Sheriff’s sale, to recover delinquent taxes or other debts levied against the property. Keep in mind, if you win a tax sale bid, you’re not always guaranteed ownership of that property until the 6 to 12 month redemption period has passed (the length of a period is based on the tax sale rules where you live). During that time, the prior owner could pay off the debts owed on the house and reclaim full ownership of the property. You’ll be refunded your money (plus interest up until the date of redemption) but you’ll be lose out on an investment property.

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